About Us

Who is XP Esports?

XP Esports is dedicated to the growth of the esports industry in Queensland and hosts leagues and major events across multiple game genres.

Our ambition is to cement ourselves as the preeminent esports promoter and major event provider in Queensland. An important element of raising this profile, will be to host an annual esports educational showcase during the Ekka celebrations, that will bring esports to a mainstream audience.

Central to our brand is the importance of nurturing players and teams, by fostering growth through education, industry support and player wellbeing.

We are committed to establishing a supportive community that provides a secure environment to gamers of all ages, nationalities and genders.

Our value proposition XP esports is a Queensland-owned company dedicated to growing the gaming industry both locally and on a larger scale. We are focused on the needs of players, supporters and stakeholders as well as continually providing development for the players, teams and events themselves. A fast growth company within an even faster growing industry, we are also devoted to being active contributors to the growth of the Queensland economy.