Computer Alliance become the Official Technology Providers for XP Esports

Posted by XPE_Alex August 20, 2019 in Uncategorized

XP Esports Australia has formed an exciting partnership with Computer Alliance to be the company’s official technology provider of all XP Esports events.

“Computer Alliance are excited to be the Technology Provider to XP Esports Australia. XP Esports are an Esports event and marketing company dedicated to the professional growth of Esports in Australia by providing quality competitive gaming and showcase events for all ages and standards. These events showcase games such as FIFA, COD, CS:GO, Fortnite and more.

We have designed the Alliance XP Esports Tournament Desktop to provide high level of performance for competitive gaming, to be visually appealing and using quality components. Powered by Intel, i5 9400f processor and SSD, with Asus GTX1660Ti graphics, provides extremely good performance and visuals for 1080P gaming.

CA has provided XP Esports with 30 Alliance XP Esports Tournament+ Desktops for competition and showcase events around South East Queensland. Computer Alliance are committed to help grow grass-root Esports in Australia.”

Alliance XP Esports Tournament+ Desktop setup at Suncorp Stadium for a Brisbane Broncos Esport activation.

Check out the XP Esports Desktop