XP HSL | Season 3 | 2020 | Mid-Season Report

Posted by XPE_Admin November 16, 2020 in ESPORTSGAMING

XP HSL | Season 3 | 2020 | Mid-Season Report


Melbourne High School Are The XP HSL National Valorant Champions!

XP Esports Australia launched the inaugural XP HSL National Valorant Championship with 12 teams from around the country competing.

Melbourne High School were dominant throughout the championships, never dropping a map and will be favourites heading into 2021.


XP HSL National Valorant Championships | Results

Defending Champions Marsden SHS Leading The Way

After a slow start to the XP HSL Rocket League season, current champions Marsden SHS (QLD) have powered their way up the standings to be outright first.

After losing their opening game, the team from Logan, Queensland have been impressive winning eight straight games.

Former Academy Team flying in the top division

The former Academy team, The Lakes College (QLD) have been dominant this XP HSL Rocket League season, to become one of the favourites to take the title.

After controlling top position and winning seven straight games, they have fallen to third with a 2 – 1 record last 3 matches.

Updated Rankings (Week 5)

XP High School League 2021 Registrations Are Now Live

XP Esports and the XP High School League is looking at a watershed year in 2021 with the introduction of brand-new event formats as well as Glitch Gaming & Entertainment.

  • Three competitions available
  • Brand new state-based leagues & national finals
  • Trophies & Championship Flags
  • Personalised esports jerseys for league grand finalists.
  • Esports coaching
  • Professional broadcasting
  • Weekly match highlights


Registrations for the upcoming 2021 season are now live!

Follow these links to get your school signed up now: