About Us


XP Esports is a Queensland owned company dedicated to the growth of the gaming industry both locally and on a larger scale. We are focused on the needs of players and supporters, giving people the opportunity to meet up and connect at many of our live events and tournaments. Established in 2018, XP Esports has hosted a number of Fortnite, Call of Duty and Rainbow 6 Siege tournaments and also teamed up with UQU Esports to help facilitate the High School League of Legends Ekka Exhibition in August 2019.

The XP team is now expanding to include a High School League! Offering students the opportunity to compete in a variety of esports tournaments both online and in person. We are launching the High School Program with Rocket League and will be adding to our Esports Library as the year progresses.


By introducing Esports into the classroom, students are given an insight into the greater industry of professional players, pathways and opportunities. Through competitive play and support, young people can introduce and implement video games into their everyday lives; enabling them to learn, develop skills, relax and connect with one another in a safe environment. 

It also gives a great opportunity for teachers and parents to gain an insite into their children’s lives. Once mutual understanding and communication is developed, it’s a lot easier for teachers to positively direct young people in the classroom and help them balance video gaming with their studies, health and wellbeing. 

COVID-19 As the World enters a period of uncertainty and economic hardship it is important to recognise the positive impact Esports and video games as a whole will have on the youth of Australia. Allowing young people to connect, compete and maintain relationships with one another whilst practicing responsible social distancing.


  • Term 2: Season 1 of the XP High School Rocket League will be kicking off in Week 3. Click here for more information!
  • Term 3: TBA
  • Term 4: TBA