2 Team maximum per school.

To confirm your school’s teams spot for the Season, you will need to place an order to secure a spot! Team spots are limited for HSL Farming Simulator!

This product is only to be ordered by Schools. Not for the direct public.

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Welcome to the premier competition for high school Farming Simulator esports in Australia, leading the way for esports development in Australian high schools, delivering exciting and professional competitive opportunities since 2020. In 2024, XP Esports will deliver a bigger and better HSL competition then ever before! What are you waiting for, get your school involved today!

  • Professional broadcasting through our Twitch Channel – Delivering a second to none platform to showcase your school team’s talents!
  • Pathway to the Young Farmers Cup 2024, live at The Ekka! Compete onstage in front of large crowds
  • Fantastic prizing from our official technology sponsors Computer Alliance
  • Trophies & Medallions for Champions and Runners Up
  • Do not miss a shot with our week to week replays via our YouTube Channel – One stop shop for all your school’s weekly matches!
  • Weekly social media updates via all platforms – FB, Twitter, Instagram
  • Professional technology solutions for your school via our amazing partners Computer Alliance
  • Managed and administered by Australia’s leading high school esports team!

Up to 2x Team Registrations Per School. This registration should be completed by School Teacher’s only. To confirm your school’s team’s spot for Season 1 2024, you will need to place & complete an order to secure your School a team spot or two! Team spots fill up fast for HSL Farming Simulator so don’t miss out!

This registration is to only be purchased / ordered by Schools. Not for the direct public or students themselves. Schools can either pay with a Debit or Credit Card when we send a Xero Invoice or use our Invoice details to prcess a EFT Transfer, this can be done during/post season. Please ensure you enter your school’s correct information on the billing page at the checkout. This information will automatically be used to generate an invoice for your school & sent to you post registration by our staff.


The Registration Fee covers the overall HSL program, giving your Schools access to:

FEE: $150 Per Team Per Season

  • This covers the core 3x players of the team.
  • Plus additionally any substitutes you wish to include in the team we allow for up to 2x subs.
  • We only provide game installation keys/codes of Farming Simulator 2019 for the Core 3x players on the team and those codes are activated & tied upon installaton to that specific PC and cannot be changed.

SIGN UPS CLOSE: 2nd February 5PM

  • This could possibly extend depending on registered teams


  • Up to 16 teams maximum per season
  • Schools will be divided into 2x groups of up to 8x teams
  • Groups will compete in a double round robin format for up to 7 weeks
  • Top 4 teams from each Conference Group will secure themselves a spot into the Finals
  • Matches are every Tuesday afternoon, starting from 4:00PM AEST for Round-1 & 5:00PM AEST for Round-2
  • Each school will play 2 matches in a Best of 3 games format, each week
  • Each game in a match is about 18 minutes long so anyway from 40 minutes for a 2-0, up to 1 hour per match for a 2-1
  • 2x Matches each week will be selected to be streamed & casted live on www.twitch.tv/xpesportstv


  • Up to 2x Groups in total for per season
  • Conference Matches start from 4:00PM AEST each week
  • Conferences may have up to a maximum of 8 teams
  • The top 4 teams from each Group proceed to our Finals


  • Single Elimination Knockout Bracket – Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, Grand Final
  • Selected final’s matches will be streamed & casted on www.twitch.tv/xpesportstv


  • Each team will either play from their school or from a remote location and join up online.
  • Each team must have a teacher.
  • Each team may have a coach (can also be the teacher).
  • Teams will play 2 matches in a best of 3 games format.
  • Each game in a match is 15 minutes long and a team needs to win by 2 games.
  • This can only be played on PC so all players need to be able to play from a PC.
  • Each player will need to use a separately licensed copy of the game.
  • We provide license keys for the core 3x players of teams. If you require more you will need to purchase these from the Developers website. Otherwise check with our staff if we have any spare.
  • If teams require additional competitive DLC mode keys please let us know.


  • We stream up to 2x matches each week selected by our admin team at the start of the season.
  • These are commentated by our famed caster “Max Formal” – https://twitter.com/formalcasting
  • Below is a screenshot from our Season 1 last year of Downlands College starting to harvest their field & bale the wheat, competing against Forest Lake SHS


  1. Registration Period: Current Day – Until 2nd February
    • All teams must be finalised & submit their JotForm’s by 15th October 5PM. This is to ensure the smooth successful execution of the season.
  2. Pre-Season Period: 2nd February – 5th Februrary
    • All players and teachers must submit a role-ticket in our official HSL Discord Server by February 5th (5PM).
    • This is to ensure all players are ready to go on the 1st Tuesday afternoon at 4:00PM 6th February.
  3. Round 1: Tuesday, 6th February
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  4. Round 2: Tuesday, 13th February
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  5. Round 3: Tuesday, 20th February
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  6. Round 4: Tuesday, 27th February
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  7. Round 5: Tuesday, 5th March
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  8. Round 6: Tuesday, 12th March
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  9. Round 7: Tuesday, 19th March
    • 4:00PM – 6:00PM AEST
    • 2x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format
  10. Finals: Tuesday, 26th March
    • 4:00PM – 7:00PM AEST
    • 3x Matches of Best of 3x Games Format (Possibly Best of 5 if time allows it)
    • Single Elimination Bracket
    • Top Teams from the Groups battle it out for Champion / Runner-Up title & prizes.


Prizing is for the top 2 teams for the whole season overall determined from the Finals.


  • Trophies for your core 3x players
  • Prizing provided by Computer Alliance (TBC) for your core 3x players


  • Trophies for your core 3x players
  • Prizing provided by Computer Alliance (TBC) for your core 3x players


The top 4 high schools from the 2024 Season 1 & 2 will be invited to the Young Farmers Cup 2024, hosted live at The Ekka in our XP Esports Arena! Queensland’s biggest show! 

  • Live at The Ekka (Brisbane Showgrounds).
  • 400,000 foot traffic over 10 days.
  • Streamed and Casted live on www.twitch.tv/xpesportstv
  • Segment interviews with students, teachers and more.
  • Live location setup: staging, projector screen, speakers, lighting, and more.
  • Content to be shared via all EKKA and XP Esports channels.


Discord will be used as the main point of contact for each team where they can talk to the XP Esports team, other schools, access lobby names & passwords, post highlights and organise scrims/practice matches between schools. Teachers are required to create a Discord account so they can be added to the XP HSL Server.


Click here to see our FAQs or Contact Us if you have further questions.

Farming Simulator is a paid game and if you require additional game licenses, these can be purchased directly from Giant Software’s Website, the developers of Farming Simulator. If your team requires additional DLC license keys for the multiplayer mode, please let us know.

What is Competitive Farming Simulator?

Young Farmers Cup 2023 Live Stream


Event Details

Match Day 1: February 06, 2024

Match Day 2: February 13, 2024

Match Day 3: February 20, 2024

Match Day 4: February 27, 2024

Match Day 5: March 05, 2024

Match Day 6: March 12, 2024

Match Day 7: March 19, 2024

Match Day 8: March 26, 2024

Start time: 04:00 p.m. AEST

End time: 06:00 p.m. AEST

Venue: AU - Online

Email: HSL@xpesports.gg