Rainbow Six Siege 2021 Term 1




1 Team per school.

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XP HSL Rainbow Six Siege SEASON 1 – 2021



1 Registration Per School. This registration should be completed by your School Teacher.




The registration fee covers the overall HSL program; giving schools access to resources, materials, discounts with our sponsors and reserves a spot in the roster for that season.


  • FEE: $150 Per Team (includes 5x Core Players + 1 Sub Player)
  • FEE: $15 per additional sub
  • SIGN UPS CLOSE: Close of Business, 5th February 2021


PDF Registration Form (You can use this form to see what information you need, then once you have placed your order you will be given a link to the online registration form where you can copy the information across).




XP Esports are bringing another exciting Rainbow Six Siege tournament for Term 1 of 2021!

This competition will be open to all High Schools across Australia. Teams will compete in an 8-week round robin format.




  • Open to students strictly 16 and above
  • Open to a maximum of 8 high school teams
  • Only 1 team per school allowed, unless approved by administration
  • Matches are every Thursday from 4:20PM AEST
  • Each team will play 1 match in a best-of-2-maps format
  • 1 match each week will be streamed to the XP Esports Twitch channel
  • XP Esports will be creating the private lobby’s and every match will be recorded & available for viewing
  • Each team will play from a remote location and join up online
  • Each team must have a teacher
  • Each team may have a coach (can also be the teacher)
  • PC Only, players can plug in a controller into a PC to use if they prefer
  • Each player will be required to own or use a school’s copy of Rainbow Six Siege. If they choose to play on a friend’s/family member’s account, then they must stick with the same account all season. (Details about different Rainbow Six Siege game copies can be found on our FAQs page.)



  • Week 1, Round Robin Round 1: 11th February
  • Week 2, Round Robin Round 2: 18nd February
  • Week 3, Round Robin Round 3: 25th February
  • Week 4, Round Robin Round 4: 4th March
  • Week 5, Round Robin Round 5: 11th March
  • Week 6, Round Robin Round 6: 18th March
  • Week 7, Round Robin Round 7: 25th March
  • Week 8, Finals: 1st April

(FINALS, Single Elimination Finals Night, Semi-Finals BO3 followed by Grand Final & Playoff for 3rd Place both BO3, up to 4/5 Hr duration)





  • Vertical hanging flag 60cm tall x 30cm Wide x1
  • 165mm Trophies x5 – x8
  • Esport equipment TBA

Runners Up:

  • 135mm Trophies x5 – x8
  • Esport equipment TBA




Discord will be used as the main point of contact for each team where they can talk to the XP Esports team, other schools, access codes, post highlights and organise scrims. Teachers are required to create a Discord account so they can be added to the XP HSL Server.




Click here to see our FAQs or Contact Us if you have further questions.


Event Details

Day 1: February 11, 2021

Day 2: February 18, 2021

Day 3: February 25, 2021

Day 4: March 04, 2021

Day 5: March 11, 2021

Day 6: March 18, 2021

Day 7: March 25, 2021

Day 8: April 01, 2021

Start time: 04:20 p.m. AEST

End time: 06:20 p.m. AEST

Venue: AU - Online

Email: Highschool@xpesports.gg